Happy Keto Body has hit the ground running!

Leanne Vogel – International Bestselling Author of The Keto Diet | Host of The Keto Diet Podcast | Founder of Happy Keto Body has launched the 12 week program for Happy Keto Body.

I have just finished watching Leanne’s workshop on
“3 Keto Lies that Hurt Women and how to overcome them”. A warm up to her 12 week H.K.B. program

Mark my words, “here comes another best seller”! Launch day was yesterday and it looks fantastic!

3 Keto Lies That Hurt Women and how to overcome them to succeed on keto

There is as you probably have found out for yourself while searching Dr. Google for Keto that there is a lot of bad information out there on the subject. Leanne highlighted 3 of these Keto Lies.

3 lies that lead to frustration, lack of body confidence, more weight gain. Ultimately, as a result women give up on keto never to find out that keto is a wonderful tool especially for women.

Women never get to see the benefits of keto such as:

  1. Being able to discover how confident they begin to feel
  2. The extra energy that keto brings to you
  3. A healthy body within and without

The 3 Lies that Leanne talks about are:

  1. Restricting Calories = losing more weight
  2. Weight loss = keto success
  3. There is only one way to do keto.

That is why Leanne’s program is so important – Your body, Your health, Your happiness!

This was a fabulous lead up to her 12 week program. I hope you got to watch it. It certainly gets you pumped and excited about getting started on Happy Keto Body 12 week program…I know I did!

Included in Happy Keto Body’s 12 week program

This is why I love what Leanne Vogel brings to the keto table, everything she does is genuinly to help women empower their lives. She put’s her heart and soul into her books, recipes, podcasts etc.

The program is so well structured and flows so easily. She has included in the program

  • 31 hours of online videos
  • Expert interviews
  • digital downloads
  • group coaching calls.

This is a 12-week intensive learning and doing ketogenic experience for women with Leanne Vogel, Dr. Nina Lewis-Larsson ND and Ali Miller RD. (you can find out more about these women when you go to the HKB link).

The program begins immediately after purchase which is cool, no waiting!

Three Options for Membership

Yes, this is great really, having the choice of 1 of 3 options, they are:

  1. 3 Month Access – This particular program expires after 14 weeks. 30 day guarantee.
  2. Lifetime Access – The entire 12 week program – This is, as it says, Lifetime access so members can access the program at any time and re-watch content as often as they want. Updated content beyond the 12 weeks and a 30 day guarantee.
  3. Lifetime Access plus VIP – The entire 12 week program – this is great for Very Important Persons! Are you one of those? You will love this one. Members will receive the same as the Lifetime Access as above, however, you get a whole heapen of good stuff included – Community Forum, this is where you can enjoy help and support from not only other members but you get to meet up with Leanne, Dr. Nina and other special guest coaches several times a week for personalized help. Added to that already unreal VIP stuff you receive 14 expert interviews, extra tips and guidance for your unique health needs. 30 day guarantee.

Very well structured

The whole 12 week program is structured into weekly sections with their own set of videos. Week 1 here are a couple of examples:

  • Macronutrient Indroduction
  • What to eat on keto
  • The low down on fat
  • Tips for a successful start
  • a Bonus video
  • (8 videos all up)

In this first week there are also

  • 10 Bonus Materials like Keto Food Swaps for your favourite S.A.D. style foods.
  • Keto shopping List
  • Happy Keto Body cookbook
  • How to boost your fats with RFL’s (Rocket Fuel Lates)
  • Hidden sugars
  • 2 Emails and lot’s more, this is just in the first week!

Every week thereafter is just as chock full – I’m actually liking week twelve for the VIP’s – There is exclusive access to Bonus videos. One of my favourite – Dr. Anna Cabeca OB/GYN. Dr. Cabeca is one of my Favourites.

Registration is closing soon

Registration is closing soon. So before it closes ladies go and take a look at the structure of the 12 week program that Leanne has put together. It’s the best Keto program I have seen so far.

Happy Keto Body

Leanne Vogel

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