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If you’ve ever been stuck on a weight loss plateau and wondered how to bust through….

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Happy Keto Body has hit the ground running!

Leanne Vogel - International Bestselling Author of The Keto Diet | Host of The Keto Diet Podcast | Founder of Happy Keto Body has launched the 12 week program for Happy Keto Body. I have just finished watching Leanne's workshop on "3 Keto Lies that Hurt Women and how to overcome them". A warm up... Continue Reading →

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Best Infrared Sauna for your health

It's the best because you can have it in your own home. Imagine the money you would save! I will be putting this one on my wish list! Can I please have this for Christmas! Infrared saunas are a hot topic in the health and wellness world, and for good reason. That reason is the... Continue Reading →

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Click here for a really easy curried fish recipe I made only 6 grams of carbs in the whole dish that includes the Cauliflower Rice...

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Red and Infrared Light Therapy it’s incREDible

Red Light Therapy is absolutely amazing!

FreeStyle Optium Ketone strips

ABBOTT FREESTYLE OPTIUM BLOOD KETONE 10 STRIPS diabetes weight loss Here is another way you can test your ketone levels. Once you have been on keto for a few weeks you will notice peeing on the strips is coming up virtually blank. This is normal, it means your body is utilizing the ketones well in... Continue Reading →

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