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If you’ve ever been stuck on a weight loss plateau and wondered how to bust through….

FreeStyle Optium Ketone strips

ABBOTT FREESTYLE OPTIUM BLOOD KETONE 10 STRIPS diabetes weight loss Here is another way you can test your ketone levels. Once you have been on keto for a few weeks you will notice peeing on the strips is coming up virtually blank. This is normal, it means your body is utilizing the ketones well in... Continue Reading →

Keto Strawberry Jam

Oh the aroma in the kitchen when jam is being made, there is nothing like it!Before going Keto I struggled to get my jam to set, I was forever buying Jamsetta but still didn’t have great success I never really got that “Goldilocks” consistency.Chia Seeds are great thickenersKnowing what I know now I think even... Continue Reading →

Low Carb Savoury Seeded Crackers

I made these Low Carb Savoury Seeded Crackers after buying something similar from a local Farmers Market. After trying them I thought about making them myself. There were I think 12 crackers in the box and the cost - $10.00! The bought crackers were a little higher in carbs but still doable. It was good... Continue Reading →


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