The best Keto Collagen – why I use it

After doing some research on which collagen supplement would be the best for me and comply with keto, I came across Perfect Keto Collagen on the net. I read how good it was for our overall health, for our bones, hair, nails and skin, digestion, energy boosting and some, I have to admit I was curious to try it out. I was really keen because of the fact it was unlike anything I’ve seen on the market.

I’ve always known how beneficial MCT’s were and I’ve read about how well-tolerated collagen is to our body. So when I saw there was a supplement that contained both of the ingredients I really wanted to try it out, I was a little hesitant at first thinking “Is this legit, or will this be like any other “new” supplement, is this just another fad”? But when my shipment arrived I was totally blown away by the taste and the quality, I was in love with it! The taste was sensational!

 I don’t think there’s anything else out there that complements the ketogenic diet so well as Perfect Keto Collagen does. 

In these modern days we no longer tend to have a diet rich in bone broths and animal tendons. There are a great many people that don’t take collagen in their daily diet anymore. Maybe they think Collagen is only needed in a beauty cream for your face. There are literally hundreds of collagen creams on the market that are continuously screened on our tv’s and displayed all over the place on giant notice boards so many ads promoting collagen creams.

If you have never heard of keto collagen before, you’re in for a treat. Once you learn more about it, you’re going to wonder how you’ve been on the ketogenic diet for so long without using it.

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What is Perfect Keto Collagen

I would like to think Collagen is the eighth wonder of the world or the fountain of youth!

  • Lol, But seriously, Perfect Keto Collagen is a perfect blend of Collagen and MCT oil. Both of these ingredients are some of the healthiest fats and proteins you can consume, if you’re on a low carb or Ketogenic diet this is a perfect match.
  • Made from only the highest quality ingredients from grass fed cows, there are no hidden, fake ingredients which makes it easily digestible and really good for gut health.
  • MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which turn fats into fuel that your body can easily use and prefers to use over glucose. MCTs metabolise into ketones very quickly, bringing instant energy to your body. Pairing the collagen with MCT fats slows the absorption of protein so that your body uses it for recovery instead of converting it to glucose within the body.

When you combine these two ingredients together, you have a perfect synergistic blend of ingredients specifically designed for the ketogenic lifestyle. 

So what exactly is collagen? 

Collagen is a type of protein that has become widely popular because of how effective your body can absorb it. It makes up 25 to 30% of our bodies protein content and helps with soft tissue repair. 

Collagen in a topical product is not what you think

Despite the important role of collagen in skin, adding collagen in a topical product is worthless in terms of anti-aging benefits. While topically applied collagen will moisturize the skin, that’s about the extent of what it can do. Applying collagen topically has never been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis or growth. This is because collagens are too large to penetrate the top layer of skin.

Beauty creams that contain Retinol will stimulate the already present collagen that is added to through a collagen supplement like Perfect Keto Collagen. The best way to get your daily dose of collagen is to take it in the form of a supplement powder in your morning coffee or shake, Yum!

Collagen is essential to our health

  • Collagen is a part of the connective tissue in the skin that helps promote firmness, suppleness, and constant renewal of skin cells. Collagen is needed to support our hair, skin, nails, bones, muscles it also supports our gut health. This one ingredient can improve your joint health, your complexion, your longevity, your gut health and digestion.
  •  Collagen is what makes your complexion firm, plump, and youthful.
  • It is the glue that holds everything together.

Many other protein supplements that are animal-based such as casein or whey are highly inflammatory. Collagen on the other hand is well-tolerated by the body and is made the same way bone broth is made, with low and slow heating protocol to preserve nutrients.

Collagen helps with:

Building healthy DNA DigestionDetoxificationRebuilding of tendons, joints, cartilage, skin, nails, and hair.

Below are the ingredients included in Perfect Keto Collagen 

    • 5g of MCT oil powder (to slow the absorption of protein)
    • 10g of collagen
    • Cocoa Powder (for natural sweet flavor)
  •  Stevia Leaf Powder (for natural sweet flavor)

Together there is 10g per serve of Collagen and 5g of MCT Oil Powder per serve.

100% all-natural cocoa powder is used to give a rich chocolate flavor and provide many of the health benefits associated with chocolate without the sugar. 

Stevia: Stevia is a plant based sweetener that has no effect on blood sugar and is easily digested with no effect on gut health like other artificial sweeteners do. 

The macronutrients per serving are:

    • Calories: 80
    • Fat: 4g
  • Protein: 10g

Perfect Keto Collagen helps to create glutathione which is the most powerful antioxidant in the body so we want to strive for lots of glutathione.

How and When I Use Perfect Keto Collagen

One of the the main selling points for me in grabbing myself a Perfect Keto Collagen is how perfect it fits into any part of my day.

Its pretty cool that there are a few different flavors to choose from so if it’s Chocolate you’re in love with or maybe you prefer the smooth flavor of the Vanilla or perhaps the Salted Caramel. The biggest decision I have to make is which one I want to put into my beverages!

I always mix Perfect Keto Collagen into my smoothies, check this recipe out for Chocolate Mousse I made, I was actually making a chocolate smoothie but i think my avocado was super sized turning it into more of a mousse consistency.

Love to put Keto Collagen in bulletproof coffee, and sometimes just water. It honestly makes whatever I’m drinking taste that much better.

I like adding it to virtually every sweet treat I make because it has the natural stevia included in it, I like to add the benefits of the collagen powder in fatbombs and keto friendly desserts.

Unlike most other protein powders there’s no need to mix Perfect Keto Collagen with a blender. That’s a real bonus when you’re out and about or just don’t have a lot of time.

My personal favourite is stirring it into my coffee right before I workout at the gym. Keto Collagen regenerates muscles, joints and connective tissues so it’s a must have before during and after workouts. It even tastes great in water.

Many people like to start with half a scoop and go from there. Be careful not to consume too much when you are first starting, you want to work up to moderate amounts.

How to Use

For Mental Performance

    • Remember MCT’s are some of the healthiest “fast fats,” they are what your body breaks fat down into for useable energy. Your brain uses about 20% of your total daily energy expenditure.
    • This is not a stimulant for the perception of alertness. Keto Collagen is real energy.

Before/During Exercise

  • MCT’s are fuel for your body, especially on a low-carb diet. When we talk about “fat-burning” we are literally describing fatty acids like MCT’s being metabolized into ketones and shuttling energy to your body.

Post workout

  • Collagen protein plays a huge role in the regeneration of muscles, joints, connective tissues and ligaments.

As an anytime, Ketogenic Protein Supplement

  • Get the best quality protein and fats, anytime, without carbohydrates or fake ingredients.
  • Perfect Keto Collagen supports hair & nail, skin, joint and digestive health.

With my endless searches to find the right protein powder in the past was hard as other Protein supplements always came up low in fats and high in carbohydrates not to mention other additives which are not good for you and don’t cut it on the Keto Diet.

If you haven’t yet tried Perfect Keto Collagen I would seriously give it a go. It is so important to our health to source out a product that has clean, safe ingredients in it. You know you’re on a good thing when you find a product that is developed and recommended by a doctor, and founder of Perfect Keto, he is a Functional Medicine Clinician.

Many people like to start with half a scoop and go from there. Be careful not to consume too much when you are first starting, you want to work up to moderate amounts. 

Perfect Keto Collagen takes the #1 spot in my supplement cabinet especially since I started the ketogenic diet.

Here’s why I love it so much:

    • Tastes amazing. Keto collagen has a sweet, chocolatey taste to it that complements any drink you want to mix it with. 
      • No artificial ingredients. I only purchase products that are completely natural and my body thanks me for it. It’s completely clean, there’s no soy, dairy, gluten, or artificial sweeteners in it.
    • Perfect for the ketogenic diet. Unlike other supplements that may have hidden carbs or protein powders that may kick you out of ketosis, Keto Collagen has the perfect macronutrient ratio that supercharges your ketones.

Keto Collagen is specifically for people who:

    • Have soft tissue injuries
    • Are looking to build muscle
    • Want to eat more protein
      • Want a more tolerable protein source
    • Are eating a low carb, high fat ketogenic diet

How to Get Perfect Keto Collagen

I hope I’ve been able to shed some light on why we need collagen, how we take collagen, when and where for you. I highly recommend this supplement, those who know me know I am very passionate about products that are true to their name, I love to be apart of it’s promotion. I only promote the things I truly believe in and know to be the real deal.

There really isn’t another collagen supplement out there that can boast all of the great qualities of Perfect Keto Collagen.

If you have never tried a collagen product before, Perfect Keto Collagen is hands-down the best collagen supplement out there especially if you’re on the ketogenic diet. 

There aren’t many other supplements that I can fully trust but I knowing the owner of Perfect Keto, Dr. Anthony Gustin not only talks the talk, but he also walks the walk. He’s a functional doctor who lives the ketogenic life and has set out to create the cleanest, most effective supplements on the market. 

I spoke with him and we agreed to give you a discount on your Perfect Keto Collagen  purchase by using the coupon code below. 

If you’re interested, just make sure you purchase sooner rather than later because there are only limited uses on the discount code.

Save 15% on the Perfect Keto Collagen Protein by using coupon code: APERFECT15

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