Keto friendly – Gluten Free Banana Bread!

Did you have reservations about going Keto because you knew you had to ditch an item of your favourite food?

Oh yeah, I sure did. If there was was item of food I was stressing over giving up was the Banana, my absolute number one go-to food when I felt hungry, or, just because.

I had a similar image in my head

You were always on my mind

If you’ve felt like that over a type of food you just loved, you will know where I’m coming from.

Oh well, I ran the gauntlet. I wanted to do Keto, I knew I had to ditch the banana.

I was making Keto Bread one day everytime I made bread you’ll never guess what food-stuff  I was longing to put on top. Then it hit me! I’ve got some banana essence in the pantry let’s put that in the bread. I did just that – it wasn’t the “real deal” but it was close enough to satisfy my craving for a real banana.

Putting in the chia seeds was a brilliant idea, I like how the Chia seeds make it look like authentic banana bread. If you’ve ever made or even bought banana bread there are bits of banana in it that distinguishes it as “I’m a banana bread”! It’s so soft and light too, the smell is pretty spesh as well.

Hooleys! How many carbs!

There is usually about 23g of carbohydrates in every 100g of banana. So they aren’t all that welcome on a Ketogenic diet. When I saw how many carbs in a banana it kind of helped me make the decision to let the banana go. Especially knowing my macros for carbs was at or below 30 grams per day. It doesn’t leave room for much else.

So have your cake and eat it!

This banana bread recipe yields just 4 grams of carbs per serve which is 2 slices, they have to be ”normal” slices too, not big, fat, giant slices!  That’s pretty awesome because if you can’t hold yourself back and you need to have another couple of slices you will be ok to do that.

Nutrition Per Serve (2 slices)

Calories    400
Net Carbs4g



recipe for banana bread


  1. Preheat oven to 180c
  2. Beat eggs for 1 to 2 minutes on high
  3. Add Olive Oil and the melted butter to the eggs and continue beating
  4. Add the remaining ingredients except for sesame seeds. Until thick
  5. Scrape into a loaf pan lined with baking paper. Place sesame seeds on top
  6. Bake for 45 minutes or once skewer comes out of the middle of the bread clean.

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