Keto friendly Treats and Desserts

These desserts have been made without refined sugars, I try to incorporate Perfect Keto Collagen into my fat bombs and desserts but if I can’t for some reason or another I stick with Stevia and a combination of Monk Fruit as much as possible because it won’t cause blood sugar or insulin spikes, Remember Insulin is the fat storing hormone, we want to keep it down!  

We need Collagen in our diets

My first choice if I can switch a recipe around is way more delicious and I get the added bonus of collagen into my daily diet is Perfect Keto Collagen not only is it made from grass fed cows but it is made with clean, organic product Stevia leaf. This plant is in the same family as Sunflowers, there is nothing fake about it.

Always read labels

Take a look at the ingredients on the packaging to make sure your buying the pure sweetener, rather than having fillers such as maltodextrin, dextrose and polydextrose which can cause spikes in blood sugars. Fillers also sneak in unnecessary carbs.

Stevia is 0 GI – Glycemic Index (measures how much your blood sugar is raised by certain food). Monk Fruit is also 0 GI.

Since I have been living the keto lifestyle, I have found I don’t crave sweet things anymore as much as I used to. Don’t get me wrong I still like something sweet now and again so I like to keep it moderate. I also find that having a treat now and again especially in the first few months of adapting to this way of living helps you tick along nicely getting you over those “cheat” humps smoothly. After a while the sweet treats start to naturally faze out.,

Here’s when I have a dessert…

My time for treating myself with these sugar free treats is immediately after the evening meal.

Again, you want to minimise spiking insulin as much as possible, therefore, best to have your dessert as a continuation of your meal.

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