Keto Blueberry mug cake

90 Second mug bread with a sweet twist

Keto Mug Bread and low carb Jam

The above link will take you to a recipe for 90 second mug bread that is Keto friendly and comes in really handy if you suddenly feel like a breakfast, lunch or tea with some bread included. It’s more like an unsweetened scone to me, I like making it and spreading on the Keto jam and cream with a butter coffee or a chai tea.

Today, I added 1/3 cup of frozen Blueberries and some “Perfect Keto” Vanilla flavoured Collagen powder. Nothing else changed, just a couple of additions. If you’re not lucky enough to have this delicious vanilla collagen in your cupboard (it also includes some MCT oil), then three or four drops of liquid Stevia will sweeten it up for you and a teaspoon of vanilla essence, they both might make up for not having the flavour in the Perfect Keto Collagen. As far as I’m concerned though, the collagen is the most important part!

More on Collagen below.


So, I microwaved for 90 seconds however, due to the extra bit of liquid I guess out of the blueberries I found I needed to give it an extra 20 seconds. One microwave can be a lot different to the next so you may have to do some sampling to get it just right.

Once cooked I put a knife around the outside of the bread after it had cooled just a little because I couldn’t wait any longer! Tip upside down and it should come out ok. Slice into four slices, the blueberries bulging out everywhere, reminded me of a blueberry muffin, I put a big slice of cold, hard, grass fed butter on top and I was in heaven!

The plain bread is 1 gram carbs, with the 1/3 cup frozen blueberries and the Keto vanilla flavoured collagen:


Carbs Net. 4.5,  Fat 18,  Protein 9. (Per two slices – double it for the full mug).


Benefits of grass-fed collagen protein:
Protein is an important part of any diet. Clinical studies have proven collagen strengthens bones, joints and ligaments, improves gut lining and connective tissues, as well as improves your skin health. 
Regular protein powders can’t do that.  
Why added MCT:
MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are your body’s preferred source of energyMCTs are quickly metabolized into ketones, shuttling energy to your body. Pairing the collagen with MCT fats slows the absorption of protein so that your body uses it for recovery instead of converting it to glucose within the body.
Other protein powders spike blood sugar levels. Keto Collagen doesn’t.
Perfect Keto Keto Collagen contains the best protein and fats, without fake ingredients. 

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