Shepherds Pie!

Keto Shepherds Pie!

The day’s and nights are  unseasonally cold here in Queensland at the moment so what better way to warm the cockles of your stomach as well as your heart than with Shepherds Pie! Keto Shepherds Pie actually!

Shepherds Pie is way up there with my favourite meals, everyone that has had my pie say they miss it…I wonder what they would think of this “Keto hacked” one?

I especially love the Cauliflower Mash in place of mashed Potato, now, I’m born and bred in Ireland so that’s a big statement! So, here it is, would love to hear what you think…

Keeping in mind we are travelling around Australia, hence the cast iron frying pan as my casserole dish, we’re trying to travel light.


Ingredients for the mince:

  1. 500g Grass Fed/Finished minced beef
  2. 1 tablespoon Grass Fed Lard
  3. 1 brown onion chopped
  4. 2 cloves garlic minced
  5. 400g can Macro Organic tomatoes
  6. 2 stalks organic celery chopped
  7. 1 small organic carrot chopped
  8. 1 tablespoon bone broth
  9. salt and pepper to taste


shepherds pie meat


  1. 1 cauliflower broken into sections;
  2. 30ml Pure Cream (Bulla, no added nasties);
  3. 55g Kerrygold Irish butter.
  4. 50g Grated cheese (I used sharp cheddar and some parmisan cheese)

Instructions for the beef mince:

  • Pre-heat oven to 180c;
  • Add the lard to the pan to melt;
  • once melted add the onion and garlic and cook until translucent;
  • add mince, mix together with onion and garlic and brown the mince;
  • pour in the can of tomatoes, carrot and chopped stalks of celery;
  • sprinkle the bone broth powder over the beef and stir in with salt and pepper.

Mashed Cauliflower:

  • With the cauliflower broken up into sections, either boil on stove top or microwave for around 8 to 10 minutes;

NOTE: I microwaved the cauliflower in approximately 1/4 cup of water and fully drained once cooked. If you use too much water for cooking and don’t drain thoroughly it makes for a wetter mash.

  • next, add the butter and cream to the cauliflower;
  • with a hand-held electric “bar mix” type mixer blend and mix until soft and fluffy;



cauli mash


  • spread the cauliflower mash all over the top of the mince;
  • sprinkle the cheese over the top and shake on some Himalayan Pink salt;
  • place into the oven until the top gets a little golden brown;
  • once browned take that sucker out and enjoy!


cooked cauli sheppherds pie


Net Carbs = 7.8g    Total Fat = 25g    Protein = 20g



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